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Publication of Japan Lumber Journal

Trade journal is written in English and published twice a month on the 15th and at the end of the month.

Publication of Japan Wood Market Stats

Customs clearance statistics tables are written in English and published monthly on the 15th.

Market Survey and Consultants

Upon request, collection of data concerning the wood market such as lumber and log prices, shifts in the amount of imported wood products, etc. and documentation will be performed in English and Japanese.
Consultants are available anytime for consultations concerning the lumber and housing industries, etc.
Basic, initial consultation fee: (30 minutes – 1 hour) ¥5000 – ¥10,000.

Seminar and Event Planning

Seminars are planned and hosted. Following movements in the domestic and foreign timber markets, exchange of information of deep interest can take place at seminars.
Examples of past seminar planning:
JETRO sponsored lumber seminars, Introduction seminars by Russian wood industry group held in Hiroshima, Nagoya, and Tokyo, etc.

Foreign Language Translation and Production

English and Japanese language translation is available for compiled documents, company information guidebooks, pamphlets, commemorative books, and other printed items. Consultation is available for production and design of company pamphlets in English.

General steps for translation service: receiving of the manuscript, translation work conducted by a professional translator, careful check and proofreading of the work conducted by our staff, depending on the manuscript check of the work by the customer, and final adjustments. Concerning the time taken until the delivery of the finished product, the length of time differs depending on the translated languages, the volume, and the field of the manuscript, so inquiries should be made to our staff.
Note: Translation service is also available for Vietnamese and Korean languages. Please ask our staff for details.

Translation Services Fee (not including tax)
Translation Service Price Rate Minimum Initial Price
Japanese to English ¥15-25 per character
English to Japanese ¥15-25 per word
Japanese to Chinese ¥15-25 per character
Chinese to Japanese ¥15-25 per character
Note: The minimum initial price is ¥21,000(including tax) or US$200.00(including bank transfer fee). This is the minimum price even if the price of the number of requested words or characters is below this value. The price per character or word differs depending on the volume, field, etc. of the manuscript to be translated, so inquiries should be made to our staff.

Interpreter Dispatching for English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Other Languages

For international exhibitions, meetings, social gatherings, etc., we will assist you in order to conduct your business smoothly. Please feel free to ask our staff for details.

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